How far in advance should one book for a party?

Our parties are very popular and fill up quickly, if you have decided on one of our packages, book it immediately and pay the deposit to secure your date and timeslot, and avoid disappointment.

What time should we be at the venue?

Please ensure you and your guests arrive 15 minutes before your party is due to start, this is to enable us to put name tags on the children and go through the program with everyone.

If we arrive earlier can we start earlier?

No, as we run three parties a day in the aquarium we cannot accommodate you earlier than 15 minutes before your booked timeslot.

Are all the parents included in the package?

No, ONLY the mother and father of the Birthday child are included in the package – ALL additional adults need to be paid for.

Do Aquarium Members get discount on all packages?

No, only on the Under the Sea Package.

What is the member’s discount?

Two Oceans Aquarium members will receive a 10% discount on the package cost, this will only be allocated if a Valid Membership number is sent through to us no less than 72 working hours before the party.

Where do we meet at the Aquarium?

There will be a party supervisor stationed at the entrance of the aquarium to meet you and your group 15 minutes before your party is due to start.

What activities are tied to what time slot in the aquarium?

Depending on the time slot booked, for example: 10am is the puppet show; 11:30am is watching the penguin feed and 2pm is arts & craft in Afrisam.

How many adults can I purchase discounted Aquarium tickets for?

You may only purchase 1 (one) discounted adult ticket per child attending the party, any additional adults will be charged full ticket price.

Why can we not bring balloons to the party?

“Balloons, much like plastic bags, can end up in the ocean, where animals ingest them and suffer fatal injury as a result. The small rings at the end of balloons can also become caught around the necks of animals and cause harm.”

Where is the Tommy tugboat party held?

The first hour of the party is the guided tour through the Two Oceans Aquarium, once you have done that, you will be taken to Tommy Tugboat for a leisurely harbour cruise while the children enjoy refreshments and a light snack on board, disembarking after an hour.

Where is the Ocean Adventure party held?

Our Ocean Adventurer package is held on the Ocean Adventurer along the Atlantic Seaboard, there is a Maximum of 38 Pax allowed on board, and all children are required to wear Life Jackets.  The duration of the trip is approx 90 min to 2 hours.

Does the World of Birds package include Aquarium Entrance?

No, as this party is 4 (four) hours plus long it does not include entrance to the aquarium.

What décor is offered for Under the sea parties?

The party table where the children are seated for their second hour, where the singing of Happy Birthday happens is decorated with the under the sea theme.

Can we bring our own Party Packs?

As the party packs are included in the package it is not advisable to bring your own, however, that said you are welcome to bring extra items to place in the party boxes.

What is inside the Party Packs?

Our party packs contain edible items such as Sweets, crisps biscuits and a juice – however this may vary.

Can we bring our own cake to the party?

Yes, you are welcome to bring in your own Birthday Cake, or alternatively you could order one through us.

Do you supply candles and a knife for the Birthday Cake?

If you order a cake through Vista Parties, yes we will supply the knife and Candles, should you bring in your own cake, please bring Birthday Candles with you.

Can we bring in our own catering?

No, outside catering is permitted, we have a variety of platters to suit all needs.

Is your catering Halaal?

No, our catering is not Halaal, we can however arrange for Halaal catering to be brought in at an additional charge to cover the delivery fee